About the Microbiology Graduate Group

This interdisciplinary group consists of over 70 faculty members from a variety of academic departments whom have come together for the purpose of sponsoring a Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Microbiology. The major benefit to this organization is that it promotes collaborations unhampered by the traditional barriers of colleges, schools, or departments. Equally important, graduate students are offered great flexibility and breadth in identifying research problems and faculty with mutual interests. Finally, since all faculty members at UC Davis are directly affiliated with departments, the graduate students in our group have an additional opportunity to establish departmental affiliations within the graduate group. For more on our degree program click here.

Contact Information

Graduate Group Chair:
Scott Dawson, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator:
Jessica W. Toan, Ph.D.
3143 Tupper Hall

Because campus was closed unexpectedly for a week in late November, the general deadline for admissions applications for the Ph.D. in Microbiology has been extended to December 15, 2018.